Suggested Strategies to Reduce Stress and Enhance Lawyer Wellbeing

  1. Increase employee engagement by sharing resources and managing demands of clients. e.g. teams of lawyer may have to work in shifts for work where international clients require 24/7 legal assistance. For all other matters, the firm may institute a policy that all lawyers will not reply to messages after 11 pm.
  2. Give lawyers more discretion and control over the work they do, with opportunities to best use their strengths and interests.
  3. Review workflow and workloads to ensure there is sufficient stress to keep working at optimum levels, but not excessive stress.
  4. Allow lawyers to determine their work timings at the office, to enable them to better manage family commitments. e.g. Some lawyers may need to leave the office at 5 pm to fetch young children home from childcare or take time-off during office hours to accompany elderly parents to medical appointments.
  5. Implement a wellbeing policy following consultation with lawyers, so that lawyers articulate what really helps them to relax and become calmer.
  6. Sending lawyers for resilience training programmes to help them to build resilience to stress.
  7. Ensure lawyers take leave from work, with no interruptions by work related emails or text messages, to completely disconnect and refresh themselves.
  8. Regular aerobic exercise helps in increasing oxygen supply to the brain, helping to improve problem solving skills, training resilience and personal optimism.
  9. De-stigmatize the seeking of help for stress and mental health related issues by providing confidential support for lawyers experiencing anxiety, depression, alcohol or substance abuse.
  10. Lawyers who need help should be directed to call Law Care at 6536 6366.