Why is Lawyer Wellbeing Important in Practice?

  1. Humanitarian reasons
    • We are all HUMAN, we are not machines. We need Downtime to recharge or we will burnout.
    • Lawyers who are well physically and mentally make law firms successful! The lawyers function at an optimum level, with maximum engagement and high job satisfaction. Lawyer wellbeing directly affects professionalism and client care.
    • Lawyers who burnout, suffer from depression and substance abuse, which can destroy careers and lives.
  2. Economic reasons
    • Lawyers who are unwell cost the economy a lot of money in terms of lost work days, resignations and low productivity.
      • United Kingdom - Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) in 2012 reported that:
        • projected sickness absence cost £8.4 billion each year, plus another £15.1 billion in reduced productivity;
        • £2.4 billion is lost replacing staff who leave work because of mental ill-health; and
        • overall cost to employers is £30 billion each year.
      • United States of America - THE PATH TO LAWYER WELL-BEING: Practical Recommendations For Positive Change,THE REPORT OF THE NATIONAL TASK FORCE ON LAWYER WELL-BEING
        • Estimated that larger law firms spent about US$25 million in 2014 addressing turnover of associates.
      • Singapore – MOM Report on Conditions of Employment 2016 stated that based on firm-level data, resignation rates were lower among firms which:
        • offer a larger number of formal flexible work arrangements to their employees,
        • have a higher proportion of full-time employees on a 5-day work-week, and
        • have a higher proportion of full-time employees with longer annual leave entitlement.